Steve Biswanger

@ Director of Information Security - Encana

Steve Biswanger is the Director of Information Security at Encana with accountability for cyber security risk and governance across the organization. In this role he has built a mature risk management culture laying the ground work for agility in the adoption of new technologies and processes at the root of Encana’s organization reengineering. Prior to this, Steve was a cyber risk consultant for over 15 years building practices and delivering services from companies ranging from specialized boutiques to multinationals like EDS. Clients during this time ranged from oil & gas, to international banking, Silicon Valley high tech, telecommunications and manufacturing. All of these industries and clients have very different business strategies, external drivers and risk tolerances, but regardless of the engagement, Steve’s approach is to help business leaders at all levels of an organization uncover the relevant information necessary to make informed, risk-based decisions. It’s not about security, it’s about trust.